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Inland ENC Upper Rhine in S-57 Standard, current version 2.3

Rhine-km 149.10 to Rhine-km 170.00

INLAND ENC Upper Rhine affects the German-Swiss section of the Rhine from the road bridge in Rheinfelden up to Rhine-kilometre 149.10 up to the national border between Switzerland and Germany at Rhine-kilometre 170.00.

It is officially approved and may be used for navigation mode when running on radar.

You can download the map here: INLAND ENC Hochrhein 3.zip

 Cele KM
 File name
 Edition no.
 Update no.
Issue date
 149 4C5RH149.0003  2 SRH Basel31.10.2013

To view the map you can download the viewer SeeMyENC 2.0 from SevenCs.

INLAND ENC Upper Rhine is also available from the following map makers:
- ChartWorld GmbH & Co. KG,www.chartworld.com
- Periskal Group, www.periskal.com (Tresco-navigation software)
- Tresco Engineering,www.tresco.eu

INLAND ENC Upper Rhine is constantly updated. If there is a significant change, an update is published. You will be informed of this by an inland navigation message.